Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet.

I’m Will McLellarn.

Personally, I’m passionate about all aspects of human optimization including fitness, nutrition, productivity, mindfulness, supplements, martial arts and more.

Professionally, I love consumer brands, eCommerce, digital marketing, technical marketing and coding.

Also professionally, my ego is the enemy. It took me a while to find work that maximized my strengths and personal happiness (more on this in the blog).

My work in order: I started in Sales & Trading at Goldman Sachs in Manhattan, co-founded a startup in Palo Alto, went through 500 Startups in Mountain View, joined a SaaS business in San Francisco, got into eCommerce in SF, started a Shopify Dev Agency, did freelance Digital Marketing + eCommerce, and now work as the Director of eCommerce for Perfect Keto remotely (but currently from –> Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).

Find me on twitter: @willmclellarn or subscribe at the bottom of this page for updates.

Thanks for being here.