Will <> Audrey Ultra Creative Date #1

Hey Audrey!

It’s Will McLellarn. If you're reading this, then I’ve sparked a bit of curiosity. 😄

I think you're absolutely stunning, and when it comes to creativity, I always aim for the stars. So, how about an unforgettable date that matches this vibe?

Escape with Me to Mexico City
Let’s catch a flight to the heart of Mexico via AeroMexico—don’t worry, I've got half the ticket covered. Picture us landing in a city brimming with culture and zest.

Brunch or Sushi? Why Not Both!
If timing allows, we'll dive into a brunch like no other at Madre Cafe. Imagine savoring their world-famous chilaquiles: crispy tortillas soaked in robust salsa, topped with tender chicken, fluffy eggs, and a generous sprinkle of cheese—it’s a symphony of flavors in every bite.

Alternatively, if brunch slips through our schedule, we'll switch scenes to Ryoshi for some of the finest sushi you’ve yet to try, nestled in the upscale streets of Polanco—Mexico's own slice of Beverly Hills. The sushi is art on a plate, and the people-watching is as deluxe as the neighborhood.

Elevate the Evening at Cityzen
As dusk falls, we'll ascend to the Cityzen rooftop bar, perched on the 50th floor, where the city stretches infinitely below us. Here, it's not just about the cocktails, but the breathtaking panorama that sweeps across Mexico City’s skyline.

Cap the Night at Licorería Limantour
Feeling adventurous? Let's conclude our evening at Licorería Limantour, a gem among the globe’s top bars. It’s intimate, the focus is purely on crafting perfect drinks, and each sip promises a new discovery.

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How does that sound for a date? Let me know 😃

Cheers, Will