Alright, well … here goes nothing. I’ve told you all that I would write this blog about my experience at 500 Startups, and that’s what I intend to do! I have to say, I am pretty excited. I thought this would be a good way to warm up before I’m forcing myself to write every day, so here are a few of my thoughts going into the program:

  1. I’m really glad we arrived early. Our townhouse, though in a great location, had a bunch of cat dander lying around which literally (is that a pun?) made the couch unusable. Thank you Stanley Steamer for finally blasting that thing and getting it clean. 
  2. I’m feeling prepared from a health perspective. As many of you know, working out is really important to me. I arrived here and was immediately able to plug into the nearby 24 Hour Fitness (which is like 5 minutes away) and I also joined Title Boxing for some cardio and something to do on the off days. After 5 days of consistent workouts, I’m feeling healthy and strong and ready to really go through the ringer. It’s at least the right kind of momentum … I know 5 days isn’t that long!!
  3. I missed the Bay Area. I have a lot of friends here, both Stanford and otherwise. It is really cool to be back.
  4. I am really not sure what to expect out of this program. I know its an incubator, I know its run by some pretty important people and I expect it to get really intense. My goals are pretty generic … learn as much as I can (and write about those learnings here) and then to meet as many people as I can. I love making new friends. And to build up our company to the numeric goals we’ve outlined, just hustle & grind & be consistent.

I also forgot to get my haircut in time, so I have been ironically wearing my hunting hat (I know nothing about hunting) to still be cool. Here is me, looking determined, ready to conquer the world. Ever Forward.


500 Startups - Day 0