Lifestyle Design, Human Optimization


— Will McLellarn is a marketer, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast currently living in Portland, Oregon.


Will McLellarn

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I majored in Economics at Stanford University (Go Card!) and graduated in 2012. While at Stanford I met some incredible people, took some super hard classes, and fell in love with Silicon Valley & technology.

I've not had a traditional career in any sense, as it's taken me a while to iterate toward functions that maximize my strengths and personal happiness. (more on this in the blog) 

In order: I started in Sales at Goldman Sachs in Manhattan, co-founded a startup in Palo Alto, went through the awesome 500 Startups Accelerator in Mountain View, scaled a SaaS businesses in San Francisco, became an eCommerce/Shopify expert while building a sales team in SF, and now do Digital Marketing + eCommerce Web Development from anywhere (but currently --> Portland, Oregon). 

I've always been big into Health & Fitness and affectionately use the hashtag #TeamHealth for all things of that nature. I'm also passionate about lifestyle design and career optimization, which I label with the similarly silly #TeamWealth tag.

My ideal clients are businesses that blend the ideals of Team Health + Team Wealth, what I call "Human Development". Some related people and companies I admire are Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, James Altucher, Athletic Greens, Onnit, Perfect Keto and Intelligent Change. I had the privilege to work with a few of these and look forward to helping more.