Episode 9.5: Martial Arts & A Forever Flow

Episode 9.5: Martial Arts & A Forever Flow

Good morning team :) special/bonus Thursday post coming at you live at 5:27AM from CDMX.

I just feel so interested in my newfound flow, when I say flow, I mean doing things repeatedly in the same block of time during my weeks. This is all inspired by Chris, my executive coach and founder of Full Samurai (https://www.fullsamurai.com/).

We've talked about flow forever, I know all the top executives do it (but, i don't want to be an executive), I know Dana White does it, Tim Ferriss, Rogan, all the greats. Ok, but then why did I work so hard to gain my freedom?

I think the answer is simple: so I can be the one to build my weekly flow. It's like the Jordan Peterson saying: act as if you are responsible for taking care of someone, and that person is yourself. Ok, so my job in building a weekly routine is to create a routine that optimizes my health, happiness, and wealth, in that order. It's my job to create the perfect routine. I also have all the freedom to do so! I own my time, and I can mold it in any fashion I choose.

If I have total freedom, and optimizing those areas is the goal, then to what would I object? Ok, maybe going to jiu jitsu this morning at 7am sounds a bit hard. But flow architect Will decided it would be best for me. So I ought to listen to him.

I also realize that if the flow is supposed to meet all 3 objectives, I need to put fun time in there, leisure in there, and make that space without guilt. The amazing thing about the flow so far is I've started making progress on 2 long-time passions of mine. Martial Arts + YouTube. I've avoided doing these things for years! Years and years. I've always gotten too into my head, and avoided taking action.

It's not as simple as saying: ok, Mon 1-2pm, YouTube. It's saying: no expectations of outcome. Only expectations of input. Mon: 1-2pm: attempt youtube, or do nothing. Stare at the screen. Stop at 2pm. Do that, win.

Same for jiu jitsu: show up to class. Don't have to stay the whole time. Don't have to roll. Don't have to win any exchanges. Show up, win.

Then, I layer in accelerators. BJJ was tough, got killed by leg locks. Find private instructor, hire him. 1hr private lesson, leg locks. Learn. Go back to class, try to implement what I learned. Success/failure, irrelevant. Keep showing up.

This is a momentum game, and I am going to play it forever. I'm not looking to insert things and take them out. I'm building a routine for the next 50 years. It will evolve with me, and I can't wait to look back in 6 months and say, wow, I used to do a lot of client work! Those were the days. Now my apps make a bazillion dollars.

I'll get there, as long as I keep showing up.

Team Health & Team Wealth, out!