Episode 10: Positive Things, Negative Externalities

Episode 10: Positive Things, Negative Externalities

Helllooooooo YouTubers! Good morning from the always lovely CDMX.

The last week running my weekly flow has pushed me to:

  • hit the weights super hard 2x
  • go to bjj 1x
  • go to muay thai 1x

Which I absolutely love. Even though it was my birthday last week, I still got all my workouts in, ate well, and worked a decent amount.

Finding a new balance now, that's the challenge. Work definitely suffered a little bit, only because I lacked energy. Like yesterday, after leg day, I legit was horizontal for like 8 hours...

Hey, at least that means I pushed myself in that workout! But it's not ideal for making multi-millions, so we need to adjust. That's what I talk about in this video-how to adjust my weekly flow so that I can work as hard on General Dev/Cardinal eCom as I did on my physical fitness. I want to be unreasonable, and do both.

Send it! Check the video for more details 😄

Team Health, Team Wealth, out!