-July 2022-

As of 2022, I don't have LinkedIn, maintain a resume, or entertain full-time work. Fundamentally, that is because I now orient myself toward ownership.

My work philosophy is very simple: "Learn to sell, learn to build. Learn both and you will be unstoppable. It’s easier for a builder to learn sales than for a seller to learn building." (Naval)

Still working with clients at Cardinal eCommerce, and built a few MVPs of Shopify apps that are in beta testing. Living out of CDMX for a few months.

Focus remains the same.

-June 2021-

Working on Cardinal eCommerce (hired someone!) that pays the bills while bootstrapping a Shopify app. Getting back to coding after a brief hiatus.

Getting outside more, working out more, enjoying the new wheels. Thanks Elon!

Launching things in 2021.