I'm Will, eCom developer, builder and web3 enthusiast. I value freedom, love creating useful technology, and have spent the last ~4 years working in the Shopify ecosystem.

I currently run Cardinal eCommerce, where we make amazing websites and custom apps in the Shopify ecosystem. We're certified Shopify development experts, certified Recharge development experts, and eCommerce technology nerds.

I also build apps for myself and my investors at General Development (general.dev). This is new as of Q4 2022, but the most exciting thing I've ever done.

Previously, I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Economics, worked on Wall Street, started a few failed tech companies, and was a below average SaaS salesperson. Won some, lost some, but I've not shied away from starting over.

To me, a meaningful life demands meaningful work. Working with devs, and [finally] learning to code has been that gift for me. In my client dealings, I will always care a little too much, and I'm okay with that.

In my free time, I love trying new restaurants, watching mma / amateur wrestling, and traveling to Mexico + South America. I also really enjoy all things personal development, hence you have this blog, and a very fledgling YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading, and visiting my little corner of the internet. Cheers.