Episode 8: Breaking Out of Shopify

Episode 8: Breaking Out of Shopify

Helllooooooo YouTube! Good morning everyone.

Back in Mexico, back in the habit of making videos, feels good.

It's been a long time coming, but we are finally setting our sights on building something outside of eCommerce, and outside of Shopify.

When I look back, becoming a developer in this ecosystem was a major blessing, because I was able to earn and learn at the same time. The programming problems in this space just aren't that hard.

However, as I've gotten better, that's made it less interesting. I understand now why devs want hard problems, they are the most fun to solve. I've found one that I want to attack, and I won't let my unfamiliarity stop me.

It's time to grind.

Team Health & Team Wealth, out!