Good morning fam 🙂

Long time no talk. I’ve got some big updates for y’all.

1 – I have a new job at Perfect Keto. I’ve been watching this company for a long, long time. Always been a fan of their products and mission. For one reason or another, it never made sense to work together.

But in January of this year, the stars aligned and a former Sumo colleague brought me in to assist on the eCommerce/marketing side of their Shopify business. As they say, a star is born 😆. It’s been gangbusters, I absolutely love it. Loved it so much, that I surprised myself by asking for a full-time role. As of March 1st, I’m now the Director of eCommerce at PK. We have some huge things planned, and I am super excited to captain this ship to the cutting edge of technical ecom marketing.

2 – I was formally accepted into the Honest Marketer Program, run by someone I deeply admire, Ryan Kulp. I’ve also been following him for years, and crazy enough, he’s best buds with one of the co-founders at PK. Small world at the top. So what is the HMS? Essentially, it’s a mentorship program so that I (and my 2 fellow cohort members) learn to code, learn to market, and do so honestly. I’ve always dreamt of building software businesses as a do-it-all (aka polymath) founder, and now the path is clear.

I’m committed to the program, doing the reading, the code school, and the marketing school. I also see a lot of ways that learning Ruby will help me at PK. Fun fact: Shopify is built with liquid code, which is based on the Ruby language. How about that for synergies?

3 – I’m moving from Portland, Oregon to Denver, Colorado. This move followed the previous two – and my own elation at how amazing life is going. I’m moving because I have a lot of smart, fun friends in Denver. It’s also a young, outdoorsy, fit city. When I visited in February for 10 days, it fit me perfectly. Portland is cool, but it’s not lively enough for me right now.

Plus – I’m getting my own place for the first time ever. It’s a sweet industrial style loft, and probably a bit of a stretch. Oh well. The pendulum swings – I had a great place in SF, I sacrificed a lot to make ends meet in Portland and now that I have some serious momentum, I’m going to enjoy it a little bit.

Photo evidence:

 hello loft living
hello loft living

Those are my big 3.

A small-ish update would be that I’m back to consistent weight training for the first time since I hurt my back in 2017. Feels great man. Also doing Keto, feeling superhuman mentally.

Thanks for reading – and if you ever come to Denver, holla at ya boy.

Team Health – OUT!


Life updates, the Honest Marketer Program and Denver, Colorado