¿Qué tal Mexico?

¿Qué tal Mexico?

Good morning friends, family and everyone out there reading!

I’m writing this post from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México at a small coffee spot called Puerto Café. I have a strong feeling that a year from now, I’ll look back on this place as being extremely special to me.

My time in Mexico will always be linked to my crossing the chasm from employee to business owner. Is it possible to sense a breakthrough before it happens? I’m not sure. but I feel something.

I’ve already committed the 4 months between Apr 23rd-Aug 23rd to 3 things: finishing Launch School, launching a business and getting fit. I’m still on this path, just in a new location. If the things around you don’t change (quickly enough), change the things around you, right?

Traveling to Mexico was a cinch. For more on that, feel free to watch this. COVID sucks, don’t get me wrong. But it’s also opened many doors…many puertas… Now that I’m here, it’s easier than ever to put in 5-6 hours of daily self-improvement. I can easily get in 3 hours of coding per day. I can afford private kickboxing lessons AND a crossfit gym membership. I can eat out every meal, get great food and coffee, and not think twice. If it comes to it as well, I can survive on my savings for over a year.

I’m good at making things hard on myself. I’ve slowly been making it harder and harder to not start my own business. I deleted my LinkedIn. I’ve been talking about it for who knows how long. I flew to Mexico with the intent to do it, and the intent to stay here until I do.

It’s a quiet life here so far. COVID means that there are almost no tourists, so bars and restaurants are empty. Part of me laments that, I like socializing and it would be fun to mix it up with other expats. But the other voice in my head tells me “Those people would be a distraction – celebrate the solitude”. He’s right too. It’s Me vs. Me out here.

I’m having fun living by the beach. It’s absolutely gorgeous here 99% of the time. I like practicing my spanish, and I will definitely do some touristy aquatic activities. I’ve never traveled before, so this whole experience is about personal growth. I’m excited to see how far I can push it. ¡Vamos a ver!

Keep fighting you vs. you, I’ll keep on me vs. me.