Hey y’all. I can say y’all because I worked for a Texas-based company for a year, and frankly, it saves time.

I want to talk about how we learn today. My chief idol is perhaps the greatest learner of our generation, Tim Ferriss. Tim’s value prop isn’t in a particular discipline, but in creating frameworks for skill acquisition or human acceleration.

Some of these tactics include the Pareto Principle, questions like “How would this look if it were easy” and seeking out experts that can point out common newb mistakes.

One question I often explore personally is how do I learn? Do I do better in a self-study framework where I’m teaching myself? Do I do better in a formal, slightly competitive environment? It’s certainly motivating to have people around you at various nearby levels of expertise. I loved loved loved my intermediate javascript class run by General Assembly. Is there some combination of the two that’s ideal?

Another wrinkle to this learning puzzle is subject matter as well…I try to learn a lot of different things at various times. For example, right now I’m interested in learning:

  1. Growth Marketing for eCommerce
  2. How to start an eCommerce business
  3. How to build a brand
  4. Blockchain for Behavior Design (including Behavior Design models)
  5. Low-level Javascript
  6. HTML/CSS + Liquid for Shopify

Wow, that was a lot to write down, lol. Ok….more coming soon.

Self-taught vs. Formal Education