Who has two thumbs and sucks at taking time off? This guyyyyy.

I’m even worse though in that I’ll try to be half-productive sometimes…like watch NBA playoffs AND work. I try not to shut it off, but then I’m not getting much work done, and I’m not fully enjoying the fun I’m trying to have.

Compartmentalizing is one of the most important skills as an operator. I have 3 streams of income, so 3 people (at least) to answer to. I have gotten better at shifting gears. I just want to be even better and have clear lines about when I’m working, and when I’m not.

I think having a small digital detox on the weekends is healthy too, but I haven’t been able to do that yet…smartphone addiction is real AF.

One activity I notice that gets me fully off work mode is traveling, airports. I eat crap, I watch a ton of TV, and it’s not good. Makes me sleepy, and hard to do for business. For example, I have a flight to SF this week, and it’s purely for work. I want to improve on that habit.

But Sunday mornings for example, I should plan something fun. And not let myself work. Next Sunday I’ll try this. I’d like an indulgence that’s not food or drink or TV.

I also LOVE using Sundays to have FUN with planning out the week. Workouts, mini goals, blocks of free time. That’s a version of fun for me 🙂

I think the best way to develop this habit is in fact, reading more. There are lots of excellent people I can learn from. Just trying to keep finding my blind spots & getting better.

1% each day.

-Team Health & Team Wealth


Taking breaks