Two Weeks Is All It Takes

Two Weeks Is All It Takes
Photo by Hennie Stander / Unsplash

Fallin' in love with me
I look like all you need....Just kidding, but One Kiss is a great song.

I'm so pumped for 2024. 2023 was super good to me. I did it, I finally made a product, and launched it! So cool. Shout out to my partner Carlos for carrying a lot of that load too.

Now, that product has made a whopping $57 so far, so we can do better. This is the 2024 roadmap:

  1. Go bigger, build bigger
  2. Build faster
  3. Cultivate audience

That's what I'm here for! You, whoever you are, are in my audience. So, let's kick off the year with an intense sprint, build public app #2, and keep moving forward.

and, let's make videos. because why not -->

Team Health and Team Wealth, out!