Why I'm selling everything I own and moving to Argentina

Why I'm selling everything I own and moving to Argentina

It’s true – I am off to Buenos Aires for an undetermined amount of time. I bought a one-way ticket, I plan to get an AirBnb in Recoleta, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

As I socialize my move to BA, I realize that I don’t have a consistent explanation as to WHY I’m going. So I’m here to explain, in as much detail as possible, what led me to this upcoming adventure.

1- First and foremost, this is an investment in the HMS Program, which I’ve written about before. In 2019, 3 of us were admitted. By 2020, I was the last man standing. I’m happy with my progress learning to code, but nowhere near satisfied. Life keeps getting in the way. If I want to reach my 2020 goals, I need to up my commitment here, and that means reducing demands on my time.

Argentina will bring solitude and space for me to double down on code school. Will I be miserable you ask? I think not – based on my Think Weekend, and how much fun I’ve been having writing a shopify app this year. Coding is the archimedes lever in my life, and I must make it the top priority.

2 – Second, I want to use travel as a tool to overcome my invisible critic. I’ve longingly spoke about blogging, vlogging, and YouTube for a long time. I’ve always held back because I’m afraid of the invisible critic, that voice in my head that tells me I’m not qualified, no one wants to listen to what I have to say, etc…

When I look at my role models – Ryan Kulp, Tim Ferriss, my amazing PT Kent Morimatsu – all of them did extended travel right before huge breakthroughs. Ryan taught himself to code by going to thailand, and now has an insane business portfolio. Tim wrote the 4 Hour Work Week after 18 months abroad. Kent started Rokke Sports Performance after taking his Airstream all over the USA.

I can’t tell you what about travel does this, if I knew, then maybe I wouldn’t need to go 😃! It’s not just about content either – I want to be a CEO. Not someday, but soon. Very soon. This year. It scares me to say it! I expect to become more self-reliant, resilient, and brave while traveling. Before I come back, I will start something.

3 – Learn language & culture. Fun fact: I’m 50% Bolivian, and don’t look hispanic at all. This was great to get into college, but since I’ve felt guilty that my spanish speaking skills have drastically declined. I’ve always wanted to have truly native speaking skills, and immersion is the way to go. After a few months in Latin America, I’m certain I’ll be god-mode at speaking, and won’t lose it for the rest of my life.

Culturally, I’m looking forward to a change. I don’t know what to expect, but that’s sort of the point. Things get to a point where they’re familiar, and then boring, and then mundane to the point of madness. I need an adventure to keep me on my toes. If the book Vagabonding has taught me anything, it’s that the sense of possibility alone can be enthralling. So I don’t know anything about Argentinian culture, and that’s ok.

4 – Lastly, I refuse to get comfortable. Every year or so, I need a new challenge.

  • 2016 – first job in SF, stoked
  • 2017 – new job in SF, learned
  • 2018 – moved to PDX, freelanced
  • 2019 – moved to Denver, crushed
  • 2020 – moving to Argentina, pumped

I’m better this way, and it is what it is. Socrates said: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” I would add: “To know thyself and make no apologies for it, is the beginning of wisdom.”

So, without apology, I’m selling everything I own and moving to Buenos Aires. I don’t know when I’m coming back. But when I do, I’ll be better than ever.

Team Health & Team Wealth – OUT!