it’s been a fun couple days in Portland.

i tried some brand new things and it put me in a multitude of bad emotional states. BUT, I realize I was taking risk and digging into my small well of courage.

what did I do? I applied for a Team Health related contract on UpWork. That pretty much blew up in my face or I blew it up immediately lol…  I also texted someone I look up to because I thought they were in Portland and we might be able to grab coffee and talk business. Turns out we couldn’t meet but even sending the request made me uneasy somehow.  

Personally, my roommate gave me some good feedback and I realized a shortcoming of mine that I’ve probably ignored or represssed for a long time. Today I asked a girl out at the gym who I’ve been eyeing for weeks and she turned me down.  

All of these brought me pain in one form or another. But I’m flexing my courage muscle, I’m building my courage skill. I suspect that’s been a major roadblock to massive success for me. Personal courage. Willingness to fail.

I’m out here! Pain is the signal to be thoughtful. I will not worry about the outcomes. I will only focus on the inputs.

Team Health and Team Wealth moves on!