Back on the blog, just having fun with it. 

I recently moved into NW Portland, which has been great. I’m right off NW 23rd which is a trendy area, and we’re really close to bars, grocery stores and lots of outdoor activities.

It’s SO nice having roommates again and re-building the social calendar. I tell myself I love building businesses more than anything, and while I think that’s true, it’s not always my preferred behavior. I need people!! Working remotely has a dark side, and that’s how isolating it can be. Good news is, there are a lot of motivated people here, I just need to find them.

Few big changes so far in PDX:  1-I’m grocery shopping now, 2-I’m keeping a budget and 3-I’m probably the most active lifestyle wise I’ve ever been. Running, Biking, Lifting, Rehab, all of it. I’m even meeting a friend today to play tennis! Just bc 🙂

Focus on health is def here, I am now optimizing away from just grocery shopping, to more salads, fewer carbs again. My energy is honestly 10x better when I don’t eat grains / pasta / bread at all during the day.

What else? Fixing my sleep by not watching TV before bed. Major vice for me. TV is the great placeholder in my life, it fills the time I should be spending trying weird things.

Working on it, as always. Team Health, out!


Settled in Portland