I love being organized. Growing up, I was a mess. I was the kid doing his homework in the car on the way to school. Countless times I’d look in my backpack for homework, and realize I’d left it behind.

I knew this wouldn’t work at Stanford, I needed every advantage I could get. One obsession of mine that started then and carries through to today is color-coding and notebooks.

My current colors are:

  • Green for all personal-personal stuff. Doc appointments, hanging out with friends, taxes, family stuff…
  • Light blue for all things 1st person business + growth. This includes my business ventures, reading books, online courses, and business calls with friends.
  • Black for Phalanx (my first digital marketing client). I am realizing I probably need to expand this color & definition to all 3rd party digital marketing clients. 
  • Red for fitness & my other business Cardinal Designs. I couldn’t resist using it for CD because red is literally part of the name.

That’s it right now…I’m always iterating. My to-do list actually has way more colors, but the above is my main setup for my calendar.

I also LOVE Moleskines. LOVE in all caps is the only way to describe it. It’s killing me right now to see they’re out of stock in my favorite light blue. Here’s my ever-evolving but current system:

I’ve found that I don’t really need a green notebook because there are few personal things that I’m taking notes on. I’m def reloading on the black & blue soon here. 

If I could, I’d have a perfect sync across my calendar, to-do list, notebooks, & chrome profiles. I’ll get there. My backpack is struggling though already to handle all my gear. Unless I want to bring a carry-on suitcase to starbucks, I’ll have to keep the # of colors to around 3-4. Who knows…I almost can’t resist getting more!


-Team Health & Wealth


Freelancing Series - 10 - Organization