I fell off the blogging wagon, hence the title.

After 3 solid months building a portfolio, I then had to endure the fruits of my labor. Work. Lots of it.

I went through a pretty busy period there, and it was good. I need to learn how to put in a 10hr weekend and not miss out on everything, but on some things. I enjoyed it.

I took a weekend to travel to Denver and hang out with some friends, but then I suffered hard on Sunday & Monday with 14hr+ days. Estimating the cadence of work is hard in the freestyle arena. Just so happened 2 clients had 2 big things happening on a Monday afternoon.

I’m working today, Saturday because I enjoy it. I think I need to plan for time off, at unexpected times. Like if I want a Wednesday off and I can do it, I should take it. And if I want to work all Saturday afternoon, I should. I’ll do my best to let the work guide me.

And then when I do have a strong cold brew and there’s a block of time that seems too big, I’ll work on my own biz, the blockchain thing. Still no progress. Mental barriers need breaking. I’m working on it…


Freelancing Series - 9 - Survival