Things are busy! I’m really happy about that.

It’s fun watching the day fill up and counting the money. I tweak my financial model maybe a bit too much…but whatever. Ok – it’s not a lot of money. But it’s some!!

My work is quite a combination these days. As I’m knocking out to-dos, something is sticking out to me: my switching costs are decreasing. For as long as I remember, I’ve needed a work warm-up before I settle into a rhythm. Usually a combination of YouTube, Music, Netflix, but always something. Now, I’m flipping between cryptoasset investing strategies and eCommerce paid search keywords in <5 minutes. I kind of have to, but it’s awesome.

I’m getting better at making mental silos and moving between them. As I optimize, I’ll try to do more segmentation – perhaps Monday for this project, Tuesday for this etc… but at least for now I’m learning to juggle. AND – I hope to have multiple ventures forever, so this is a perfect time to get used to it.

My brief advice:

  1. Keep separate notebooks for every client/engagement
  2. Create Gmail labels or filters for emails from every client
  3. Model your income by client per month, so you know how you ought to be spending your time & prioritizing
  4. Advance your best practices – my biggest one has been enforcing deadlines for clients that don’t even ask for them. Super key to time management

We’ll see how things continue to evolve – I know I’m starting to be bias toward certain clients. While I’m under contract, I shouldn’t play favorites, but over time, I will optimize away from less fun engagements. For now, I’m learning from everyone – both good + bad.

Team Health – Team Wealth – signing off.


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