I’m making some big schedule changes starting July 1 of this year. Inspired by the awesome guys at Magic Mind, I’m pushing for a far more async work style, which means NO, absolutely ZERO meetings on certain days of the week.

You’ve probably read Paul Graham’s essay on the maker vs. manager, that also applies here. But he doesn’t really offer much in the way of how to tell your boss or consulting clients ‘no’ in a polite way.

I guess I don’t really have a great answer there either. But what I did, and saw at Magic Mind, is offer a Loom instead of a call, and a written update vs. a stand up call. Lastly, I will be emailing owners and sharing this blog, and saying that I’m moving, globally, all my meetings to Mon/Wed.

So far, so good, I’m about 90% done. By end of this week, it will be 100%.

Then, I have big deep work blocks in the mornings for my new ventures, all in the Full Stack Business brand, Tue/Wed/Thurs. The next step is staying disciplined to best hours/best work in this time, and not letting them slip. Today for example, I grocery shopped and went to urgent care instead of coding. Maybe I could have done those things this afternoon, after client work. Not in the hours when I feel most creative and productive.

We’ll get there.

See you at the top!

Remote != Async