I recently read Justin’s article on Side Hustles again, and decided to take a slightly different angle, and inventory my previous side hustles. Well, here they are in all their glory:

  • Watch eCom Business in NYC (2013)
  • Biz Dev consulting for Text to Ticket (2016)
  • Marketing Consulting for Phalanx (2018)
  • Marketing Consulting for MMA Bobblehead (2018)
  • Bolivian Bracelets Shopify Store (2018)
  • Guap Program Manager (2020)

Not a lot, is there? Nearly all of them are trading time for money as well, which I don’t think really counts.

That’s my problem: thinking, prepping, doing online courses, writing down ideas but not launching. I think I forget that doing anything for the first time, I’m going to suck.

Good news is, I’m ready to suck, and I have a good idea. See you on the other side.

Let’s go!

Side Hustle